Saturday, November 24, 2012

Birdie and Naomi

And here they are! Byuri (Birdie) by Iplehouse is on the left and Nami (Naomi) is on the right. I have found that they cannot wear most of my YoSD sized clothing that fits my Rosen Lied dolls and my Littlefee because their chest is wider. They do, however, fit into my Bitty Bethany Kish clothing very well. Naomi (right) is wearing a smocked outfit I made for Bitty Belle several years back and Birdie (left) is wearing a gingerbread dress I made today from an Ionker pattern sized to fit Bitty Bethany. The dress is embellished with silk ribbon and scale lace. They are very cute! Both have the "real skin" resin. I'm very pleased with their realism and find they fit better with the rest of my doll collection than most of my ball-jointed dolls. I usually display my bjd's separately from my vinyl dolls because the contrast is too great but these girls can be displayed with either. There are more closeup and single photos on my Flickr account.

Friday, November 23, 2012

New Duck Run

New Duck Run by elizabeth's*whimsies
New Duck Run, a photo by elizabeth's*whimsies on Flickr.
It's been a little busy lately around here, so sorry for the lack of posts. My dolls have gotten no new clothes lately at all so I haven't photographed them! I have two new BID Iplehouse dolls, though, so expect photos of them soon.

This is the new duck run! It's fantastic and I cannot take the credit for building it. The handyman who built my goats' fence put this up in less than a week for me. It's sturdy and has a solid roof so no more winter snow shoveling for me! Hooray! The ducks like it. In the spring, we will put a new, big kiddie pool in there for them. The hose is frozen for the season for now so they are making do with their winter arrangements of buckets and rubber tubs to splash in.

Little Duck 

Miss Little Duck says the accommodations are pretty nice.  She likes that I  put her log for sitting back in there so she can see out and make faces at chickens.


Poppy looks slightly angry in this picture, but she assures me she will not fly the fence again and is actually just shy about having her photo done.  She's been fine since her day out in the swamp.  I found a few of her feathers WAY down the road when I was walking the dog so I think she was a LONG way from the house.  I'm glad she came back.  I keep having recurring dreams where my chickens and/or ducks all run into the swamp!

And just for fun, Hattie cursing at Prudence and fighting her through the fence. Hattie is the little teeny 2 pound duck and Prudy is the 8 pound giant Orpington hen.  Hattie sure can say a lot of duck curse words!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Poppy had a misadventure

It's a miracle that I can still photograph Poppy. She got scared today when the tree that came down in the storm was being cut up. She flew out of the fenced area that she's never flown out of and beelined it into the dense swamp toward the beaver pond! I didn't think I would EVER find her and was upset all day. I kept going out and looking and we recorded her sisters making happy noises and played it on speakers into the swamp. At about 6 o'clock when it was dusk, I went for a last look out there with the dog and I saw her! She was roosting on a fallen tree behind the goat house. She was still afraid and ran away from me. I got bread and lured her closer and sat in the rain for an hour and waited for her to roost again. Once I was sure she couldn't get down because it was too dark, I came in and got a flashlight and went back out and got her down out of the tree. She was upset when I came near and puffed up and hissed at me, but once she realized it was me, she tucked down in my arms and let me carry her all the way back across the yard to her sisters. She's now wet, but happy with her sisters in the coop where it's warm and dry. It's a sheer miracle that I got her again because she is one of my wilder chickens and does not like to be picked up. The swamp she disappeared into is populated by foxes, raccoons and coyotes as well as occasionally the neighbor's bird dog. I'm so glad she's back.

Hurricane Sandy

Bye bye duck run by elizabeth's*whimsies
Bye bye duck run, a photo by elizabeth's*whimsies on Flickr.
So, there was one casualty of Hurricane Sandy around here and it was the duck run! No ducks were hurt, no chickens were hurt and neither was I, running outside at 1:30 in the morning to check on everyone when we heard the big CRACK! This old pine tree had been dead a while and we should have had it taken down. The duck run is mangled. The girls and Roger had to go into the bachelor pad with the boys and no one is happy about that! Roger and Hattie keep getting pinched by bullies and are spending most of their day inside the duck house which missed being crushed by a few feet. Today, the tree guy is coming to cut up the giant dead tree and a handyman is coming to give me an estimate on making a new run before winter hits. I'm not feeling up to rebuilding it myself!

The goats are pleased with this arrangement because they have been promised some log chunks to play on! They are the only ones that are happy! The chickens weathered the storm fine and are well and the other dead tree in our front yard did not fall down so we are having that one removed today, too, to prevent any more damage!