Saturday, July 25, 2009

Roses of Summer

Who would ever think anything could be so lovely and perfect? These are a few of my miniature roses, which are just riotously blooming along my front walk. They are all from Noreast Miniature Roses, which unfortunately is no longer selling directly to individuals, and only to nurseries. I bought these before that policy.

This is Innocence.

This is Peaches and Cream.

Seattle Scentsation

Looking a little tattered but still gorgeous is Raindrops.

I have two more varietals (Incognito and Child's Play) but they are not blooming right now. They have tons of buds, though.

And here is the Brother cat, with some early-morning snuggling in the chair.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Coop Repaired and Other Matters

The coop is finally fixed. It just needs a spot of paint and it's done. So much for the tree crushing it! It's been re-shingled and the broken boards have been fixed so the girls will stay clean and dry.

The little girls are getting to be big girls but the big girls still don't care for them, so they get locked out while the little ones get to run around inside the coop for a while.

Here are the big lovelies, almost ready, I hope, to lay. They are getting nice big combs and wattles and are sitting in their nest boxes occasionally.

And here is the new home for the duckies, who are big and smelly and need to be OUT OF MY HOUSE! We have to move it into place. It was just delivered yesterday. It's very heavy and needs to be pulled with the lawn mower. Hopefully the duckies like it!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Seattle in Summer

I was a tourist for most of last week. I went to the American Veterinary Medical Association's annual convention that was hosted in Seattle. We had a GREAT time. The parts I enjoyed the most were the food, Pike's Place, walking all over, and the Asian bookstore Kinokuniya. There's little me in the middle of the craft book section. I bought a bunch of books and I'll share those later.

This photo was taken at Pioneer Square, which was a unique district. There was a great antiques store that we muddled around in for a while.

We walked to Seattle Center and saw the Space Needle. We didn't go up, though--the line was ridiculous.

This is the fountain in Seattle Center. It was hot and sunny that day and those kids were having a GREAT time!

On one of our last days, we went to Viretta Park, where there's a memorial of sorts to Kurt Cobain. It's hard to believe it's been 15 years since he died. Here's his bench.

I'm glad we went. It was very restful and such a crafty sort of city. I hope to go back again sometime.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

DS Travel Case

I'm going to Seattle for a conference next week, and my DS is coming with me. It needed a cute pouch for travel purposes, so I made one up today. I bought the fabric from Etsy (Mountain of the Dragon).

Sewing Cute Dolly Clothes

This is An Mei, by Helen Kish. She's 8 inches tall and is the little sister of Song.

Baha, always pretty, no matter what she wears.