Friday, August 22, 2014

End-of-Summer Picnic Pretty

Full view of dress/

Here's the new girl again in a sundress I made from cotton gingham.  I used the technique of chicken scratch embroidery on the hemline and front to dress up the pretty gingham.  I may list this dress on ebay or etsy if I decide I can part with it!

Here's a hemline detail:

Chicken Scratch on Skirt Hem

Saturday, August 16, 2014

New Girl

Blonde by Nelly V.

Isn't she lovely?  She's painted by Nelly Valentino and is so pretty.  Already, she's made a friend, Anne, painted by Geri.  I need a name for the new girl!  Anne's little bathing suit has ruffles on the rear end and I'm quite proud of it!  I drafted the patterns for it myself.  The new girl's outfit is made from a pattern by Nedra (  More photos are in my Flickr account (click the link over on the right).