Saturday, November 24, 2012

Birdie and Naomi

And here they are! Byuri (Birdie) by Iplehouse is on the left and Nami (Naomi) is on the right. I have found that they cannot wear most of my YoSD sized clothing that fits my Rosen Lied dolls and my Littlefee because their chest is wider. They do, however, fit into my Bitty Bethany Kish clothing very well. Naomi (right) is wearing a smocked outfit I made for Bitty Belle several years back and Birdie (left) is wearing a gingerbread dress I made today from an Ionker pattern sized to fit Bitty Bethany. The dress is embellished with silk ribbon and scale lace. They are very cute! Both have the "real skin" resin. I'm very pleased with their realism and find they fit better with the rest of my doll collection than most of my ball-jointed dolls. I usually display my bjd's separately from my vinyl dolls because the contrast is too great but these girls can be displayed with either. There are more closeup and single photos on my Flickr account.


Bama said...

They are soooo pretty! CongratS! I love how realistic they are. I'm glad they can wear Bethany Kish sized clothing. This is good info to know. What about shoes?

Elizabeth said...

They are wearing 44 mm shoes from Monique. Most of the Bitty Bethany shoes I have are too loose. They fit ok in YoSD shoes but they need socks!