Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What's been occupying my time lately....

Besides taking care of Olivia, running a veterinary clinic and overseeing an endless veterinary clinic construction project, I have been working on helping Dianna Effner set up a new site for her fans.  I think I'm a little crazy with all these things going on at once!  Anyone who reads this blog and enjoys the Effner dolls I post should join up on the new site and have fun with us!  Here's a screenshot and here's the link to the site:  Our Little Darlings  I'm very proud of the new site and hope lots of people join up to talk about Dianna's dolls because they are so beautiful!

Our Little Darlings Social Group

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Bathing Beauty

Here is Anne of Green Gables, temporarily rewigged to be a modern girl.  Anne is a Little Darling, painted by Geri Uribe.  She's wearing a green gingham bathing suit that I designed.  I particularly like the ruffles on the behind!

Anne by Geri Uribe rewigged

Anne by Geri Uribe