Friday, November 23, 2012

New Duck Run

New Duck Run by elizabeth's*whimsies
New Duck Run, a photo by elizabeth's*whimsies on Flickr.
It's been a little busy lately around here, so sorry for the lack of posts. My dolls have gotten no new clothes lately at all so I haven't photographed them! I have two new BID Iplehouse dolls, though, so expect photos of them soon.

This is the new duck run! It's fantastic and I cannot take the credit for building it. The handyman who built my goats' fence put this up in less than a week for me. It's sturdy and has a solid roof so no more winter snow shoveling for me! Hooray! The ducks like it. In the spring, we will put a new, big kiddie pool in there for them. The hose is frozen for the season for now so they are making do with their winter arrangements of buckets and rubber tubs to splash in.

Little Duck 

Miss Little Duck says the accommodations are pretty nice.  She likes that I  put her log for sitting back in there so she can see out and make faces at chickens.


Poppy looks slightly angry in this picture, but she assures me she will not fly the fence again and is actually just shy about having her photo done.  She's been fine since her day out in the swamp.  I found a few of her feathers WAY down the road when I was walking the dog so I think she was a LONG way from the house.  I'm glad she came back.  I keep having recurring dreams where my chickens and/or ducks all run into the swamp!

And just for fun, Hattie cursing at Prudence and fighting her through the fence. Hattie is the little teeny 2 pound duck and Prudy is the 8 pound giant Orpington hen.  Hattie sure can say a lot of duck curse words!


Bama said...

The duck run looks great and safe! I hope your nightmares will go away soon.

Congrats on your BIDs! I love those dolls, but have been trying to resist. I adore the Elin sculpt.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks! I made the BIDs a dress today and scrounged up a dress from one of my Bitty Bethany Kish dolls that also fits so I will take photos in a few minutes and upload them soon. :)