Thursday, January 05, 2012

Some New Year Musings...

Well, I was having trouble gathering the energy the other day to reflect on the past year and think about the new one but I'm feeling much better now!  I am going to take this time to think about all those things in my life that I am extremely fortunate to have.  I'm really a very lucky person to have the life I have and it helps to reflect on that once in a while.

I'm so happy that I added those two little mischievous goats to my life!  I was thinking for a few weeks that I might be entirely crazy to get more pets, but they are so much fun and have such unique little personalities!  They really brighten my day!

Anza and Josie on a beam

I'm also glad that every one of my original 11 chickens is still with me and happy and healthy.  They are so funny and friendly and cheery and there is nothing more comical than watching a big, fat hen with a floofy bottom run across the yard to see me when I get home from work.  A running chicken is just a naturally amusing sight and one that I recommend for anyone who needs a good laugh!  The ducks, as much work as they are, are so cute and so funny, too.  Little Duck's children, who are still here, keep her company and keep her warm at night, so even though the boys are sort of pushy and demanding, I think Little likes them and since she is the whole reason I have ducks, I'm glad that she's happy!  The cats and dog are well, too, and happy and healthy, even though Toby is now 12, Zoe is 12, and Onyx is 11.  The Brother is still only 6, just a baby.   Here is Onyx, helping me put up the Christmas decorations!

Onyx helps with

I'm also quite grateful that the veterinary clinic is doing well enough in this economy.  I hope our clients continue to think we do a good job and keep bringing their little family members to us.  I am honored by the trust that they place in us and I'm so happy to help pets on a daily basis.  One of my resolutions from last year involved making sure that I practice according to my philosophy and I have definitely seen improvements in this respect and expect it to get better in the new year as we add a new doctor and a new technician.

I am happy to say that I did pretty well with most of last year's resolutions, with the exception of finishing April Cottage!  I'm still stalled on the living room, although it is more complete than before!  The next step is to get the ceiling paper and lights in the living room and finish trimming the room.  I want the finished result but don't much enjoy getting there!

So for this next year, what do I want to accomplish and work on?  Mostly, I think I need to concentrate on making sure that I reduce my personal stress level and this is 100% tied up with one of last year's resolutions to communicate what I need and want more fully to everyone.  I still need to work on this, although it's improving!  I also need to make sure I make time for myself and my own projects and learn how to say NO when necessary.  I can't help anyone by being over-committed and never having any free time for myself.  My crafting goals include making more outfits for the dolls I have and continuing to keep my etsy shop stocked with a variety of things.  I enjoy making doll clothes and it's a big stress reliever for me!  Mostly, in this New Year, I want to appreciate what I have in life, simplify, slow down and really enjoy my days.


Susan said...

Lots to be grateful for! I find the same thing. Slowing down, simplifying, and truly enjoying life sounds like an excellent way to approach 2012 :)

Bama said...

I have been working on simplifying my life and enjoying the little things for the past few years. It is a good plan that will grow and make more room in your life for lots of more important things.

I pared down everything I owned (keeping only what I really loved and was necessary), made a schedule to help me get used to my new commitment, and I learned to say NO too, which was a biggie!

I wish you well and hope you find time to play and enjoy. Everyone needs that!

Happy New Year!

Ann said...

Love the picture of your goats, they look very comical as if they are about to do something really silly!

Cats are so funny too, they'll find a bed anywhere.