Sunday, January 15, 2012

January Snowfall

After one of the warmest winters I can ever remember, it suddenly decided to be cold and snow. We live east of the Great Lakes and the arctic air mass over the warm lakes caused a LOT of snow to fall. We got about 12 inches in one day (which is not as much as last year by FAR). It is certainly pretty! The snow started as rain first, then freezing rain, then slush and then regular dry snow. The freezing rain, slush and wet snow froze onto the branches and the whole yard looks like a winter fairyland. This was the view out the kitchen window yesterday morning before work (around 7:30 AM). Today, it's cold (-7 F) and the birds are flocking to the feeders! This next picture is a little blurry. It was still darkish outside and the camera shutter speed was slow.

Birds in the snow


Serenata said...

That sure looks cold. It has been colder here as well, but not as cold as you have!

Bonnie said...

How beautiful, Elizabeth! I miss snow.