Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bye bye, guys!

The little set of 4 ducklings (Hattie's babies) have gone to a new home as of yesterday!  Hattie and Roger don't seem to mind a bit.  I was sad to see them go, but they are in good hands and I'm confident they'll have a great life. 

In other news, only about five more weeks till my goats come!  Their shed's site is leveled and ready.  The shed itself should arrive in a few weeks.  I'm eagerly awaiting my new little friends.


Susan said...

It was a saga to follow with you. It's nice that they have homes. Did someone actually take them away or did they go themselves? I have been watching the Decorah Eagles Live Web Cam since January. They laid their eggs, hatched 3 eaglets, and I watched them grow through the ice storms, wind and thunderstorms and owl attacks. They have fledged and are just hanging around in the cottonwood tree where the nest is. They will leave eventually not coming back. Talk about a tear jerker. There have been 1million people on there watching. There were 425 thousand during the hatching and early days. I love all animal life and thank you for having these pictorial story of your ducks and their ducklings.
Warm Regards,
SusanB., Western MA

Elizabeth said...

Hi Susan! They were adopted as a group by a nice man who lives about an hour from me. I still have another five from a second hatch that I will adopt out in about 6 weeks or so. I'm so picky about the homes that they go to, it's been hard to find someone who would provide a good enough home. I probably won't let my duckies sit on eggs again because of the stress of finding good homes! But it was a lot of fun this year and the ducks seemed to enjoy the younger crowd!