Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Coop Repaired and Other Matters

The coop is finally fixed. It just needs a spot of paint and it's done. So much for the tree crushing it! It's been re-shingled and the broken boards have been fixed so the girls will stay clean and dry.

The little girls are getting to be big girls but the big girls still don't care for them, so they get locked out while the little ones get to run around inside the coop for a while.

Here are the big lovelies, almost ready, I hope, to lay. They are getting nice big combs and wattles and are sitting in their nest boxes occasionally.

And here is the new home for the duckies, who are big and smelly and need to be OUT OF MY HOUSE! We have to move it into place. It was just delivered yesterday. It's very heavy and needs to be pulled with the lawn mower. Hopefully the duckies like it!


Susan said...

How is the new duck house?

Elizabeth said...

It's nice, but still needs to be moved. We are planning to move it this afternoon. It's good sized and they should fit in it fine.