Thursday, June 25, 2009

Whichever way the wind blows

Don't worry, the chicken ladies are ok (and so are we), but we're all a bit shaken up. There was a thunderstorm here, and while we didn't get much rain, the wind was unlike anything I have ever experienced. It blew so hard, it blew a tree onto the coop. The roof is somewhat damaged and has a drip if it decides to rain. The ladies can't see out their front window, and my garden is SMASHED. I climbed into the mess and salvaged my tomato plants (I broke enough branches away that I think they'll be ok). There's a gap in the corner of the ladies' coop on the left, and as long as a weasel doesn't get in tonight, they'll be alright. The tree guys have been called and they will be here at 8 AM. They are dealing right now with LOTS of other people who have trees on their houses.

We are incredibly lucky. Two trees also blew down in the front yard and they missed the house by INCHES. They hit the gutters in the front. And they mis-aligned the satellite dish so we have no TV, but no windows are broken. My bushes are trashed, but I climbed under the mess and freed my rosebushes and I think they'll be OK with some pruning. My front yard has two giant craters in it. And one of the trees is across the power line and keeps slipping, so I'm not sure how long we'll have power for. The power guys have been called. My landscaping around under the base of those trees is destroyed. The Bergamot is uprooted and my azalea is on its side. :(

All in all, though, it could have been worse. We're lucky that the ladies are still alive and that no major damage was done to anything.

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