Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not sure how this happened....

This was not in my plan! Yesterday morning I had no ducks. And somehow, now I have two!

Last night, my boss called me and asked if I knew how to raise a baby duck. I said I thought they were raised similarly to chickens. And he asked if he could bring the one over that his neighbors just gave him. Sucker that I am, I said sure...and the poor little guy was really lonely, so we checked Craigslist today for a companion and found a singleton duck in the next town over who was only a "little" older than my guy....however, I think he's a LOT older! Look at the size difference! So they're getting acquainted through hardware cloth. Hmm...I didn't plan on ducks, but I guess we can accommodate them with the chickens. We'll have to make an extension to the run. Or maybe they can have their own house on the other side of the yard.

Here are three of my girly Orpingtons today. They are in the scraggly stage and apologize for their scruffy appearance.

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