Sunday, June 28, 2009

Someone's Sewing Box

The Rescue Mission had a tent sale last weekend. I wasn't intending to go in, but we stopped next door at the hardware store, and when we were done there we stepped into the tent. It was pouring rain and the rain was leaking under the tent edges and making everything damp and gloomy. We wandered up and down the rows of cheap tables, looking at what was mostly junk. I was about to leave and saw this basket. It's not the nicest basket; the handle is damaged and the trim is coming off. But it was full of vintage patterns. And at the bottom, there are vintage notions--buttons and rickrack and ribbon and thread. I couldn't leave it there, so I got it for 3.99. I brought it home and sorted it, and now I'm feeling sad for whatever lady used it. It's obviously well-used and full of patterns for ladies' clothing. There are a large number of maternity clothes patterns. I imagine that the owner of the box took up sewing when she was pregnant. There are later fashions that are Misses sizes and look to be from the 1970s. There is a scrap of grey and red plaid pants material at the bottom of the basket, and a fluorescent felt heart-shaped needle book with all the hallmarks of a child's first awkward sewing project, given to mother or grandmother and carefully preserved in her sewing basket all those years. For whatever lady used this basket for all those years until it ended up at the thrift store, I'll sort, clean and keep your sewing things, and think about you every time I use them.

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Susan said...

This is a really neat's so kind of you to realize the importance these things once had to another woman, and to take such good care of her sewing things. As silly as this sounds, it brought tears to my eyes.