Friday, April 24, 2009

Dennis Hopper the Bunny

The above is Mr. Dennis Hopper, my little bunny, at one year of age. He's six now and has a thymoma in his chest. This is a benign type of cancer that is taking up most of the space in his chest, pushing his heart to the side and making it hard for him to breathe because there's hardly any room left for his little lungs! I first noticed he was breathing fast at rest a month or so ago, maybe six weeks ago, so I took an x-ray at work and found that he had a mass in his chest. I made him an appointment with the Exotics Service at Cornell and they kept him all day yesterday for diagnostics. They did a CAT scan and also took a sample of the mass to make sure it was what they thought it was. He'll start radiation on Monday and will have it twice a week. It should rapidly shrink the tumor and give him up to a few more years of life, which for a bunny is a LONG time. Hopefully he does well with the treatments and will be a happy, hoppy bunny for a while longer.

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Susan said...

Hi Elizabeth.
This is a beautiful picture of your bunny! I was really sorry to read that he is not well :0( I hope the treatment makes him all better.