Saturday, September 22, 2012

Allie models her new dress

This is my 12" Tag-along Bethany from Helen Kish's Chrysalis Collection. Isn't she cute in her new dress? The dress is from a pattern by Designs by Jude and was very easy to make up. I combined the sleeves from the top pattern with the dress instead of making it sleeveless.

I have also never shown a photo of my little Kishlet that I got as a prize for one of the contests in the Kish newsletter. She's a little blond Kishlet and is much beloved by Allie (Bethany).



Bama said...

How pretty! Blue is so pretty on her. I love Tag Along Bethany and that Kishlet is just precious. Congrats on winning her!

Miranda Ixie said...

That second photo, with the Kishlet, is really just beautiful. Very sweet.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you both! :)