Thursday, September 20, 2012

All locked up

All locked up by elizabeth's*whimsies
All locked up, a photo by elizabeth's*whimsies on Flickr.
I have been on vacation since Sept. 10 and it has been very restful. I visited family last weekend but otherwise I have been just hanging around home, catching up and enjoying my sewing room and my pets. Yesterday was a big chores day! I spent three hours cleaning out everyone's house for the fall. The chickens got a good thorough cleaning, including dusting down all the cobwebs in the corners and cleaning out their nest boxes, which greatly offended Amelia, who walked into the yard and ba-GAWKED about it for ten minutes. She said she was going to lay an egg and it was very rude of the maid to be cleaning her nest box while she wants to use it. After it was clean, though, she laid a lovely brown egg for me.

The duck house got a good cleaning, too, but since it was smaller it didn't take so long. There is a paper wasp nest inside under the eaves that I need to take down but I will wait until winter when I'm sure the wasps are inactive. It's a BIG nest, about 6 inches across. I don't see any live wasps, so I think they might be dead or gone, but I'm not going to risk it.

The goat girls needed their house cleaned, too. It was pretty dirty since their favorite hobby is to leave any hay they don't eat all over the floor and lay in it. They were very "helpful" for the whole process, boinging from the wheelbarrow to the bales of shavings and then head-butting in joy that there was some activity. Anza got out when the gate was open during my last wheelbarrow run and capered around the yard and would not let me catch her. I tried grabbing her tail but she was too wily for me! So I got the jar of treats and she immediately came back in the pen. Naughty Anza!  I took this photo after I locked her back in the pen.  Notice her smirk!

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Bama said...

LOL! What a funny picture! Sounds like you had quite a day! So glad that Anza came back for the treats. Chasing animals is not fun. I know this from experience!
I bet you slept well last night!