Saturday, August 25, 2012

Suchin and Sasha in hanky dresses

These dolls are beautifully painted. They are hand-painted Suchin (12 inches) and Sasha (6 inches) by Helen Kish, one of my favorite doll artists. They're just pretty! I admire them daily. I made Suchin's dress from a vintage hanky with instructions provided by Sissy Lingle (she has the directions for sale, send me a message if you need her contact info). Sasha's dress is my own design, also from a vintage hanky. I made it several years ago for Ellery Kish. Sasha is the same size as Ellery and I'm so glad Helen made her. I was waiting for years for more friends for Ellery, and it's great that Helen is offering these six inch all-vinyl babies as companions for her 12 inch girls. They look great as dolls for the 12 inch girls but also can go live in Riley's World whenever I would like them to!  It's always a bit difficult to get good photographs on August afternoons.  The light is so golden.  It's lovely light but makes for yellow photos.

Suchin in strawberry hanky dress


Bama said...

Beautiful girls and beautiful dresses! I love these dolls too.

Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

Beautiful dresses on both dolls. I love Kish dolls too, her faces are so soft and appealing.