Monday, July 30, 2012

Princess the Miracle Duck

Meet Princess. She came to live with us on July 28. Sadly, she is the sole survivor of a raccoon attack. She is related to Roger and Hattie and came from the nice lady who gave them to me. Princess has quite a personality! She already rules the duck yard and has claimed ownership of the food bowl, the best straw sleeping spot and the kiddie pool! She likes to fight the bachelor boys through the fence and has put Roger in his place quite nicely! Hattie is put out and pouts in the small shelter all day, Little Duck just ignores her and Pearl picked a fight twice but got walloped so she has decided to leave Princess alone.

In other news, we have ordered an electric fence to keep raccoons from going anywhere near our chicken and duck area. The fence arrives on August 2 and I'm so happy it's coming because I hope to be able to sleep better after it arrives!


Bama said...

Awww! At least she is in a safe place now. Hopefully the electric fence will work!

The Healing Path said...

Elizabeth, Thank you sooo much for providing such a good home for Princess. She sounds like she is quite a little brute. I hope she settles down soon and is a bit nicer to her new pals. I am sure she misses Monster (her boyfriend) and the other 9 friends she lost that day. I know I do, I still cry everyday. Its really hard adjusting to life without them after all these years. Thank you for posting this picture, she is a lucky duckie to have you! Keep us posted about your new fence and how it works.

Elizabeth said...

Deb, she's still doing well! The other ducks are accepting her better, swimming all together in their pool. I think she likes Mark. They were sleeping together (they are separated by a fence, but they were tucked up next to each other yesterday). All the ducks slept all together last night in the duck house with a minimum of fussing, except at 5:30 this morning when Princess wanted me to get up and let her out! I shut their window so I couldn't hear them and went back to bed. :)