Sunday, April 08, 2012

Pretty Doll, Pretty Dress

Classic Bethany in Yellow and Pink

This is Basic Bethany, by Helen Kish, and I added her to the household a few months ago.  She is a "Classic Kish" meaning that she was made in the pre-Riley days of Helen Kish.  She's all-vinyl and 12 inches tall.  Her dress was a second attempt.  The first attempt was made last week, from patterns specifically made for this doll and it was ill-fitting, in my opinion!  The dress was too broad across the chest area and too loose overall, so I donated it to Emma Effner and tried again with a different pattern.  This attempt came out much better!


betty said...

I love your doll clothes. Very pretty.

Bama said...

She is so cute! And her dress is very pretty.

Ann said...

She looks so pretty!

I was a bit disappointed with the Rosemarie Ionker patterns too, thought it was just me not doing it right.

Elizabeth said...

I've never had a problem with any other of the Ionker patterns. The instructions are not very helpful, but I have been able to work around that. This one particular pattern just was a little too wide in the shoulders. I should probably try again, as the resulting dress, if it doesn't fit Bethany, seems to fit the Effners pretty well!