Monday, September 12, 2011

Nice day for embroidery

Lady Slipper Embroidery Block
I finally finished another block on my State Flowers Quilt!  It's been a while since I had a chance to make a block.  They're so much fun and come out so nicely.  I need to get another one ready to embroider.  The patterns, in case you didn't know, are available free at Turkey Feathers blog by Vicki Haninger.

Today was perfect weather for embroidery.  I sat on the deck and made this sachet (pattern from here) as a gift for one of my receptionists at work.  She is so thoughtful and always brings anyone with a birthday a small gift and her birthday is on Wednesday, so I made her a small gift.  I was home today because I got home from a veterinary conference in Boston late on Sunday night.  Today was a catch-up, reorganize and get ready for the week sort of day!


Susan @ learning ALL the time!! said...

Very nice! Hope you had a good trip :)

Bama said...

Lovely! I'm sure your receptionist will love her gift. Very thoughtful of you! Glad you made it back safe & sound. I hope your trip was a nice one.

McKinney-Rewa said...

Thank you for your info on the hencam blog. We are experiencing a serious problem with pecking as well. I searched the Pinless Peepers and found the below product. Is this what you used? Also, we will be placing an order and I would love your advice on carefully attaching them.
Thanks again!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Heather, I'm trying to find a private email for you but I can't find one linked on your blogger profile. If you send me an email: elizabeth dot r dot wood at gmail dot com (trying to defeat the spam bots, here) I will be happy to discuss the peepers with you. Also, your link didn't come through so perhaps you can send it again. :)