Friday, September 02, 2011

Anza and Josie are Silly!

The girls needed some sort of toy to climb on, so we made a makeshift one until we can get them a picnic table or similar. They have a board balanced between two stacks of cement blocks, and they obviously love it. They were yelling at me yesterday morning from this position, and stayed right in position while I got the camera and took a photo!

Sorry about the lack of crafting photos lately. I have had company and have been so busy I haven't had any time for any doll dresses or other craft projects! Hopefully this weekend I can make something fun!


Bama said...

LOL! They are so cute! I didn't realize that goats need something to climb on. They looks like very happy, spoiled pets. :o)

Ann said...

They really are a pair of characters!! They seem so much fun to have.