Monday, October 18, 2010

Oregon and Pennsylvania

Oregon Grape

Finally, I have finished a few more blocks on the State Flowers Quilt.  I'm resting at home for three weeks after having foot surgery, so I have time to embroider!  These are from Vicki's free patterns.  I should have taken the iron to them prior to photographing them.  They're not as uneven as they look!

Mt. Laurel


The Getty Family said...

I think they look pretty darn good, ironed or not! I am so glad for you that you're finding time to do this kind of thing :0) It's a shame that it takes foot surgery to be able to scrounge up the time, though!

Becky said...

I would love you to teach me to embroider! Maybe sometime when I visit you again...someday.

Elizabeth said...

I'd love to show you how, Becky. It's pretty easy, and since you already cross stitch, I think you would pick it up quickly. :) It's quicker than cross stitch and you need to use a sharper needle, but the basics are pretty similar.

Becky said...

It really sounds like fun! :)