Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Before and After

Narsha Before and After
After seeing one of the dresses I sold on etsy on a Narsha, I realized that I really needed to add one to my collection.  I found the one above (upper right photo) on Den of Angels forum and knew when I bought her she would need to be repainted.  I spent the weekend repainting her (twice!) and now I'm satisfied with her appearance. She needs new hair and eyes, though, but the ones that she has are OK for now.  Narsha is about 14 inches tall, but her torso is quite delicate.  I find that she can actually wear Bitty Bethany clothing, but it needs to be lengthened.  Items for the 13" Effners and 14" Kish girls fit her, too, but they're rather baggy around the middle.  I'm looking forward to sewing for her. 

Narsha's Face

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The Getty Family said...

Super job on the repainting...she looks so much better! Can't wait to see what you create for her! Aren't you glad you've got some time on your hands? :0)