Sunday, May 16, 2010

Springtime Portraits


Candy tried on the dress I made for Belinda the other day.  The colors look nice on her.

And Little Duck had her portrait done today, too.
And the Wee Ducks had their photo done, today, too.  They are getting bigger!


The Effortless Path said...

Oh My Goodness! They are all grown up...They are beautiful! Is the white one all white or does she have black on her a bit? Her grandpa is all white. Little Duck is very pretty! You can tell her I said so, LOL

Elizabeth said...

Hi Deb, the white one has black spots on her head and a few on her body. I'm still thinking she's a girl, but not 100% yet! Hattie (brown) is DEFINITELY a girl and lets out a loud quack several times a day. :) What color were their parents? Hattie is a Mallard Pied--I looked up her coloring and that's what matches her with the light color on the back of her head, her belly and on her primary flight feathers. Here's a good reference for colors: