Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finally, some crafting!

At last! I've had time to make something! I've been working on making belated holiday gifts for my nieces and nephew. I still have my nephew's present left to make, but all the others are done. Above is Mitch, the Monkey, made from a Funky Friends Pattern. He's for my two-year old niece who likes monkeys right now. He's very huggable!

Another huggable item is this cutie, made for my niece, Jewel. She's five and has red hair, too. This doll was made from Wee Wonderfuls' pattern for Chloe, Kit and Louise and will be named Julia Mary. It took me yesterday afternoon and evening to make the doll and then today to make her clothing. The hair was a little tricky but came out fine.

For my niece Lauren, I have made a pincushion and I will be giving her a sewing book and some other sewing accessories so she can learn to sew. I hope she enjoys it as much as I do. The pincushion pattern is from Pretty Little Pincushions. I love that book--it has GREAT patterns!

And for Jenna, I've made a carrying case for her crochet hooks. She's learning to crochet! I've also gotten her a crochet book, too. The pattern for this hook caddy was from Sew Darn Cute.
I used buttons to embellish the front.

And for Alexis, I've gotten her a book to read and made her this little friend to read it with. The pattern is from Ami Ami Dogs, a Japanese crochet book.
I just have a chicken toy left to make for my little nephew, Noah. I have already gotten him a storybook about a mother hen!


Bonnie Klass said...

What sweet gifts for the kids. The monkey looks ready to cuddle. Congratulations on buying the Vet Practice. I know you will excel at that too. I hope you get more time to craft and that maybe I get to see you this summer.

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Bonnie! I have to make one more gift, for little Noah. I have a pattern picked out for fleece farm animals for him--I just need time to make them up! :) I love your blog. I spent some time this morning looking at it. I also love the card you sent for Christmas. I saved it because it was so lovely. :)