Monday, October 19, 2009

April Cottage has walls!

April Cottage has walls and a partial roof so far. I have just placed an order for beadboard for the kitchen and wainscot for the living room. You can see my Edwardian House Style book sitting there in the someday-living room. I realized the other day that I have wanted a BIG dollhouse like this for such a long time! It's going to be great to finally have one. This one comes with pre-drilled holes for the lighting, too, so I have absolutely no excuse not to light it. And it's front-opening, so the cats can't get in, and hopefully that will also keep the dust to a minimum. I realized that another advantage of front-opening houses is that the wiring is pretty easy to do--you can put it all on the back! Fiddlesticks--I just realized I should have ordered the "slate" shingles while I was ordering the other supplies. Oh well--I think Earth and Tree will have more than one order from me in the near future.

For the kitchen floor, I am making flagstones, using the egg carton method. There's a great tutorial here: Victoria Miniland - 'Egg Carton' Stone Wall or Floor

I also plan to use similar "stone" to cover the outside of the house. Now, the only problem is that I have been re-using all of my egg cartons to hold eggs from my chickens! Anyone have any spares?!

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