Thursday, August 27, 2009

Matilda the Mischievous

I just love this photo of Matilda. She's always curious and into trouble. She's the one that chases the ducks and also chases the little Orpingtons around, just for fun. She likes to make them squawk. And she's the one that will fly out of the fence when they're in their temporary fencing grazing. She figures out how to fly over and just jaunts off by herself, eating delectable grasses.

They're making great eggs! All five of the Reds are laying.

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ellen said...

Aren't the eggs yummy? I lost you for a bit and was cleaning up old email and found you again.
I still have Alice (the rooster) and he does do his thing, but he is not mean. I still have two chickens that I have not been able to identify, but most of them are laying...the record being 6 in one day.
We used to have chickens years ago, but they were down in the barn and farther away from the house..they also free ranged and I never realized the noises that they make while they are laying. It's hysterical..a cross between dire pain, screams, and joy.
Hope you are having a great weekend. It is raining here, which it almost never does in Sept.
Sorry to be so verbose.