Saturday, August 15, 2009

Adapting Patterns

When I was in Seattle, I bought a copy of Marie Claire Idees in Barnes and Noble to read on the plane ride home. I can read a bit of French, but mostly I looked at the photos. I was enchanted by a little baby bubble outfit. I'll have to photograph the page later. Anyway, while I was looking at the pattern in the back of the magazine, I realized that it looked basically the correct size to fit An Mei Kish, without enlargement. When I got back, I measured and slightly tinkered and this little outfit is what I came up with. I think if I make it again I need to enlarge the area where it buttons just slightly because the button holes (done by hand) were infernally difficult to do. But all in all, I was happy with the end result. The hat pattern I drafted completely by hand. I want to make a scaled-down version of the knit vest that is pictured in Marie Claire Idees to go with it.

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