Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pretty in Pink

I've been meaning to make a case for my mp3 player (Zen Stone Plus) forever...or for at least a whole year, which is as long as I've had it. It's so tiny that it gets lost and it's hard to find somewhere to put it when you're listening to it, since putting it in a pants pocket usually results in its buttons getting pushed at the most inopportune moments! So today, I designed and made it a case, finally, while listening to This American Life. The case is made of wool felt, with embroidered details, and it has a giant brass safety pin on the back to clip it to my clothes.

Incidentally, the episode that I downloaded and listened to while making this was a very good one, but rather sad. It was Episode 352, "The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar." It's about a kid that went missing in 1912 and then turned up 8 months later with a tinker. He was then claimed by two different families, a trial ensued, and he ended up with the Dunbars. Many years later, his granddaughter, curious about the story, started to investigate and came to a very interesting conclusion.

Alice also insisted on a new outfit yesterday. Today I photographed her with some Re-Ment. Alice is just too cute.

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Becky said...

I love the mp3 player case! That's great! And Alice is adorable!!! What is "This American Life?" I've never heard of it.
Love ya!