Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pretty Birds All in a Row

This winter, I have been visited by several Pine Siskins. Last week's flock was about 25 birds. I count birds for Project Feederwatch, and this has made me so much more aware of who's at my feeder. The siskins are some of my favorites. They have an understated appearance until they spread their wings, and then they show their glorious yellow underfeathers. They are also scrappy little things and have frequent dust-ups with their friends and the other birds over who can have the best seed. The best part about the siskins is that they are not afraid of me at all. My siskins and chickadees always sit right there and look me in the eye curiously while I fill their feeders, and sometimes even will land on them (or my hands) before I have put them up again. If the feeders are empty, you can bet someone will tell me next time I go out the door! And they (siskins and chickadees) can tell me from the other two people who live here. They fly away when the others go out, but never for me.

Aren't they just the cutest things?

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