Sunday, January 18, 2009

Etsy Shop Update and Newest Sewing

Well, it's been a great weekend! I finally had time to update my Etsy Shop. I also had time to make Alice Cherry Blossom an outfit. She's DARLING! I love her and I thank Biscuitbear so much for giving her up. I had wanted her for a long time, but had a terrible time finding one. I think she'll be happy here! She has Mushroom Nursery Re-Ment to play with and I'm planning to either get her a Re-Ment roombox to live in or else make up the dollhouse scale roombox that I have had sitting around here forever into a nice room for her.

These Helen Kish dolls photograph so beautifully. Tompkin's pajamas are on etsy. His fabulous dog is by Barlee Rumburg of Fog City Designs. He's a portrait of my dear Toby, who incidentally (the real Toby, that is!) smells lovely like lavender now because giving him a bath also happened this weekend! I realized on Friday night that this was the first weekend I had had to just rest and do what I wanted to do since before Christmas. pleasant!

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