Saturday, April 12, 2008

Glove Critters

My sister Sarah and I made some glove critters from Miyako Kanamori's book. Sarah has been visiting since last Saturday. She's 17 (the youngest!) and I remember when she was born (I was 12) so it's strange that she's already 17. Makes me feel really old!

We have also been crocheting amigurumi and Sarah has come to work with me for the day a few times, too. Work has been very busy this past week, with a lot of sick patients to worry about. On Friday I had to perform five euthanasias, the most I have ever had to do in one day. That's a HARD day. It's nice, though, to be able to come back home and work on some nice, quiet crafts.

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Becky said...

VERY cute. Did Sarah make one of those?

Hi Sarah :o)