Sunday, January 13, 2008

Posy the Pixie Puppy

This is Posy the Pixie Puppy, made for Jenna's (niece) 7th birthday. Fairies are the cool thing among her set these days. I wanted to try one of the glove dogs from Miyako Kanamori's book, and this is what resulted. Her wings have lots of little glass beads on them and her collar is accented with a butterfly bead. I also made a little story book to go along with Posy that describes how she turned from a regular glove dog into a Pixie Puppy and gained the duty of dispensing Dream Dust to all the dogs and puppies! I had a great time watercoloring the illustrations for the little story book, and if there's any interest, I could probably post the book as a Word document download. Below are a few illustrations from the book. I really enjoyed this project and I hope that Jenna does, too! And yep, that is Toby in the final watercolor--he was the model for the "real" sleeping dog.


Becky said...


I have a question, really quickly: Is there a way to get the comments posted to your blog entries emailed to you? Also, if you want to reply to someone who left a comment, how do you do that?
Thanks! Love ya!

SG said...

Elizabeth, Posy is absolutely adorable and I love the fact that you did a book to go with her!! Jenna is going to LOVE it!!!! I can't wait for Jenna to see her :0)
Also, Becky's question prompted me to also wonder--is there an easy way to reply to a comment??
Love you! See you soon :0)

Biscuitbear said...

Aw, how sweet! I'm sure Jenna will be thrilled!

claire Maraldo said...

Posy is so cute!

Just to let you know that the Ginger Fairy Cat is now available in my shop.