Saturday, February 18, 2017

8" Tiny Dianna Effner dolls by April Norton


I'm terribly behind on posts.  These cuties arrived in December.  I have two more now that I have not even photographed! These are Piper (left) and Poppy (right) and are about 8" tall. They can share clothes with Riley Kish and also with the 8" Heartstrings Dolls sold by Jo's Doll Shoppe.  These little porcelain cuties are made for me by April Norton, a Canadian porcelain doll artist who does phenomenal work!  I am looking forward to eventually ordering some larger dolls from her.  I have also gotten Penny and Pansy and very much need to photograph them, too!

Poppy's Face

Friends  Close up

I have also received Helen Kish's hand-painted Desiree Silver Froth who I will share soon and I have a new little travel trailer to talk about!  So hopefully more posts will be coming soon!

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