Saturday, June 18, 2016

Farmette Update

I haven't posted about my critters around here in a while.  I am down to just three chickens from my original 11.  Three of the Buff Orpingtons are still hanging on and still doing well and laying eggs, surprisingly, even though they are now 7 years old as of June 1.  The three remaining are Prudy, Ivy and Buttercup.  Poppy was the most recent one to die, and I just found her in the nest box one evening, after having been completely normal the rest of the day.  Once she passed on, I decided to order more chicks because I don't think that the three I have left will realistically last too long.  So here are the new girls, being brooded in the house for now.  I have three Speckled Sussex, two Black Australorps and two Buff Orpingtons. The Orpingtons are by far the friendliest!  They are all named:  Nancy Drew, George (short for Georgia in the books) and Bess are the Sussex; Anne and Dianna (from Green Gables, of course) are the Orpingtons, and Lucy and Ethel are the Black Australorps.  Lucy and Ethel came upon their names first!  These photos are from when they were just a few days old, on their first outing.  They are now about four weeks old.

New Chicks

Speckled Sussex

Buff Orpington Chick

Group Photo of New Chicks

And I have been sewing, for another niece:

Mama Hen Block - Farm Girl Vintage

Mama Hen block from Lori Holt's Farmgirl Vintage book.  :)