Monday, August 01, 2016

A new love, Sylvia Natterer dolls!

I saw a few of these dolls on etsy, modeling clothing, and I adored them so much I ordered one from the UK. They are really hard to find in the US but I think a few shops carry them.  I ordered from Petalina and found their customer service to be great and given the good exchange rate lately, it was a great transaction.  I have since ordered a few more little sisters to go with her but they have not yet arrived.  Meet Brigitte, designed by Sylvia Natterer for Petitcolin.  She is in a dress that I made for her today, but I eventually will photograph her in her original outfit, as well, as it's very pretty.

Brigitte by Sylvia Natterer
Brigitte by Sylvia Natterer


Serenata said...

These dolls are indeed lovely, sadly I no longer have any, but they are really pretty and your new girl is delightful.

Becca said...

I adore these dolls! I have Smila, Joelle and Jeanne and I was able to find mine in the US but have been admiring Brigitte on the Petalina site almost daily and resisting but your photos make me want to order her now! Your dress for her is lovely!