Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Thrift Store Gold...

Sometimes going to the thrift store is very unrewarding, and sometimes I strike thrift store gold!  Six vintage aprons, mostly hand-made (one entirely hand-sewn) and one vintage sewing basket:

Four vintage aprons

Left to right: pinafore style cover-up, linen with embroidered flowers, delicate yellow cotton with fine lace on hem, purple cotton with rickrack and an attached towel.

Two vintage aprons

Left: black floral with pink bias tape binding, right: red gingham with chicken scratch embroidery.  This one is all hand-sewn and beautifully done.  I'll have to take more photos when the light is better--it's very gloomy today!  There's a detail of the embroidery below.

Chicken Scratch Embroidery

And the sewing basket.  It has a box of old hook and eye fasteners and snaps inside.  It also has a top tray for organization and a green satin lining. It's very nice and in good condition.

Vintage Sewing Box

I always wonder how these things end up at the thrift store.  I imagine some old woman died and her family donated these things when they cleaned out her house.  I was just delighted to find them, and put every last one of the aprons on the shelf into my basket.  For $16, these finds made my day!

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