Sunday, June 28, 2015

Another hexagons project

Mug Rug

I'm loving the book Sweetly Stitched Handmades by Amy Sinibaldi.  This is the second project I've made from it for a sew-along on Instagram and I'm having such a good time with it.  This particular project seemed to take me forever and I wasn't sure of my fabric choices until after I got them together and now I love them!  I'm not usually a fan of red, but I like this shade of red when combined with aqua.  I liked it so  much I made a special trip to the craft store yesterday to get ruby red #10 crochet cotton so I could do the lace on the edge.  Now I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it...either keep it and use it myself (it's technically a mug rug and a teabag will fit in that little pocket there that's labeled "Tea Time") or save it and gift it for Christmas to one of my family members?  I'm not sure any of them would like the colors, though...I'll have to think about it more!

This was a good project to do with little Olivia around because she could play while I did the handwork parts in the living room (the hexagons, appliqued leaves, quilting and edging were all hand done).   Olivia's getting old enough now that she can self-amuse for a while, which is great!  She'll play with my 1980s Care Bears for hours while I sew on my sewing machine in the craft room.  The Care Bears live up there just for that purpose and when I was about 20 I bought myself the Care Bears Care-a-lot Playset in mint condition and she's loving it.  It's not in mint condition any more, but oh well!  She's having such a good time with it!  Here she is with her bubble machine last week.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Olivia's quilt is all finished!

I finally finished it up completely.  It's made from patterns from Alicia Paulson's book Embroidery Companion and it was a lot of fun to make, but took me forever.  The majority of the fabric is 1930's reproduction prints.  I attempted to photograph it by clothespinning it to the lovely goat fence, but Anza tried to eat it so that didn't work too well!  All the photos are also on my flickr, so you can click to see them larger.

Full Quilt:

Completely finished quilt

Closer views below of the embroidery:

Right lower corner

Left upper corner