Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Old Chickens...

The chicken ladies are almost six.  I euthanized Rhoda this morning.  She was not well and had a tumor in her abdomen, likely an ovary.  I don't think I mentioned it here, but Matilda died of the same thing on February 26th.  Sometimes it's easier not to mention sad news, but I wanted to share a few photos of them in their prime.  It's sort of silly, but I still cry over every one when they pass away.  They're good girls and have been good pets. It's just hard when our pets get old.  I will someday get some new chickens, but not until the majority of these girls pass away.  I have 8 ladies left, and they still lay pretty well for old ladies!  And they don't need their spectacles any longer (you can see them in some of the lower photos) because they are old enough now that the drive to feather pick each other seems to have greatly reduced.

Rhoda (4/1/09 - 10/12/14):
This is Rhoda, being broody, when she was still a young chicken in September of 2009.
Here is Rhoda two winters ago, hanging out with Rosie, who is preening.

And Matilda (4/1/09 - 2/26/14):
Matilda, resting, in the winter of 2012.

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