Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy Independence Day

Little Fee Ante wishes everyone Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to everyone in the US!  Our hot spell broke, which was lovely, because we have been undergoing a construction project at the veterinary practice and we've been so hot it's been ridiculous!  Today is delightfully cool and breezy.  I just wish the sun would come out a little, though!

Olivia turned 14 months old yesterday and is a busy bee.  She can say lots of things (mama, dada, baba/baby, love, cat, meow, moo, pop, etc etc) and she loves to use her baby signs, too.  She will sign little sentences, like "Cat eat" and "Help please" and then point at what she wants help with.  She's starting to LOVE my doll collection and wishes she could hug all of them at once!

The photo above shows Littlefee Ante with a little sailor dress that I made from a pattern by MyOwnLittleWorld.  The nice thing about the pattern is that it comes in a LOT of sizes to fit all sorts of BJD!

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