Saturday, March 22, 2014

Endless Winter and Spring Changes

I've been a busy bee lately, chasing around 10 1/2 month old Olivia who thinks she can walk better than she can!  I also have a major construction project going on at work (the vet clinic) where we are expanding to 5 exam rooms from 2.  And my kitchen at home is also under construction.  No rest for the weary lately, but the kitchen is coming along nicely.  The old kitchen was very 1980s with floral wallpaper and blue-grey carpet on the floor.  We managed for 8 1/2 years with the carpeted kitchen but carpet simply does not work with a food-throwing soon-to-be-toddler in the house!  So the carpet is gone and a new vinyl plank flooring is down.  The new cabinets are in at the store and will be installed next week.  Here's the floor so far, and I'll post before-and-after photos once the whole kitchen is done.  I'm very excited to have a better kitchen.

In other news, the winter just will NOT quit around here.  There is still snow on the ground and it's cold and windy and today we're supposed to get more snow.  Spring cleanup is still impossible!  The squirrels are enjoying my feeders because there is very little else to eat yet.  I saw a robin today, though, so hopefully spring will come someday!


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