Saturday, December 07, 2013

Sewing for Real Dolls

Overalls and Cute Face

Olivia is growing!  She's 7 months old and about 15 pounds.  I made her some overalls today from a KwikSew pattern.  The KwikSew book of basics for babies is great.  The patterns are easy to follow and simple enough to allow customization however you want!

Owl Overalls

Back of Overalls

In other news, I plan on restocking my etsy shop in January.  I have two items done already and more cut out and ready to sew.  I don't imagine it will be an enormous number of outfits, but do keep an eye here for the announcement that the shop is stocked and possibly some sneak peaks as I get a chance to photograph the outfits already completed.

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Niesz Vintage Home said...

Adorable! The overalls are pretty cute, too. :)
Love the polka dot cuff.