Sunday, August 04, 2013

Cassie by Helen Kish

Finally, I had a minute to photograph this! Cassie is wearing a hankie dress that is made from instructions from Sissy Lingle.  Now I have to make one more outfit for the last of my Beach Girls, Buffy, and I will have everyone redressed.

Cassie - Helen Kish Beach Girl


Bama @ Dolls of an Era said...

Very pretty! The dress and the doll. I'd love to see them all together in their new dresses. :o)

Lizzie said...

I agree with Carolyn and would like to see a photo of all your dollies in their new dresses. She is a lovely doll, how tall is she? You did a wonderful job on her dress.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, ladies. When I finish the final dress I will photograph all four together. Lizzie, she is 10 inches tall.