Thursday, March 07, 2013

Dollmore Mona Doll

Mong-a by elizabeth's*whimsies
Mong-a, a photo by elizabeth's*whimsies on Flickr.

This is "I am Mong-a" from Dollmore, in her originals. She's resin, has blue glass eyes and a blond mohair wig. She is jointed more like one of my vinyl dolls: at the neck, shoulders and hips rather than knees and elbows. I am looking forward to seeing who she will share clothes with and making her some of her own!


Bama said...

Awww! She is very cute! I have never seen her before and am surprised that she doesn't have more joints. Traditional dolls can be just as special, in my opinion. And she looks pretty special to me. :o)

Jennybee said...

Soo cute!! I bet she will fit right in with the others. What a great addition. Congrats

betty said...

Cute doll. Love her clothes