Saturday, January 12, 2013

Janie in her Christmas Swap Dress

Janie is wearing a dress we received in a swap from Sandy on the Our Little Darlings Yahoo Group. It's beautifully made by Judy LaManna and has a dress, pinafore, petticoat and undies! Sandy also gave me some candy (already eaten!), a gingerbread man in a stocking and a lovely bar of scented soap from Colonial Williamsburg. Lots of fun!


In other news, there has been a lot of quiet on the blog lately because I have had no sewing time!  I have been spending every free minute making my duck run completely covered in hardware cloth and with no gaps greater than 1/2" in diameter.  There was an incident involving a mink (during the day, while we were home) that I am still not feeling up to discussing.  There are seven remaining ducks and the chickens have been on lock-down inside their coop with only supervised run time since Dec. 14 when it happened.   A completely mink/weasel proof chicken run is in the works for the spring, but until then we are making  do with what we have and being very careful.  I cannot catch the mink in my havahart but I'm still trying.  It has been a bad year for predators around here.

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Bama said...

Janie is so cute! And I love her in her Christmas Swap dress. Your swap partner did a wonderful job on this dress set. :o)