Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rose in Fall Jumper

Little Rose Red, by Dianna Effner for Boneka, dressed in a fall jumper. Rose Red is rewigged by me (her original wig was an unnatural red color). Her outfit is from a pattern by Designs by Jude that was made for the 12" Chrysalis Bethany doll. It fits Rose Red perfectly!

The outfit will be the prize for a Fall Fashion Photo Contest on the EffnerVinylDolls list I moderate on Yahoo.


Bama said...

It's adorable! Your little Rose is just precious!

Lizzie said...

Utterly gorgeous outfit. I have recently found your blog and I love it. Always interested in the goat stories - they appear to have such personalities. Lizzie from Australia.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Bama and Lizzie. Lizzie, I'm glad you've decided to read my blog! :)