Thursday, June 07, 2012

Ugh, a bug!

Ugh, a bug! by elizabeth's*whimsies
Ugh, a bug!, a photo by elizabeth's*whimsies on Flickr.
I snapped the camera at just the right time. Miss Anza was not impressed with this bug! She turned 1 the other day! In August I will have had her for a whole year!

In sad news, the Bad Bandito (raccoon) from the photo in a previous blog post killed Bonnie the chicken the other night. It was dusk and I had not locked them up yet. I heard a commotion and the raccoon was in the coop. Bonnie was broody so she was not roosting on the roost. I feel very badly about it and wish I had closed the coop earlier. It was 90 degrees that day and the ladies were hot, so I left their door open for a little while longer. It just goes to show that in 15 minutes, tragedy can happen. So we are now extra vigilant with the ladies and they are getting locked in at 7:30 whether it's hot, cold, raining or what. They are good chickens and we want them to live a nice, long life and hopefully die of natural causes. At least Bonnie had a happy life and was much loved.  It happened on May 28th, Memorial Day, at about 8:30 PM and only a few days before Bonnie's third birthday.  I have been too sad to mention it till now.

Rest in peace, Bonnie Belle.

Bonnie Belle


Bama said...

So sorry to hear about Bonnie. She was a pretty hen.
Happy Birthday to Anza! That's a cute photo! It looks like she's laughing because the bug is on her nose! LOL!

Kat said...

Anza is adorable! What a great pic.

I'm so sorry about Bonnie the chicken. She looked so sweet. Can you try bribing the racoons to stay out of the chicken coop by feeding them in a different location, or would that just encourage them more?

I once had ants, and nothing I did would get rid of them. Then I bought a jar of honey and put it by the door. They loved it. Every day I moved the honey jar further and further away from the door, and they followed. I left the jar over by the fence and the ants ate from it all summer, and never came into the house again. I told everyone I had to pay a bribe to keep them out...they were like an ant mafia instead of an army, lol.

Susan said...

I am so sorry about Bonnie :( We lost one of our hens to a gray fox recently.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Bama, Kat and Susan. Susan, you wouldn't believe the creepy noises out in the swamp at night lately. I woke up at 4 AM and listened out the window and there was weird wuffling, shrieking and crunching sounds. It's like we live in the jungle!

Susan said...

I do believe you! You should hear all the sounds coming from the woods behind our house! There must be some pretty neat creatures living there...we're told there is a bobcat back in our area again.