Sunday, March 11, 2012

One Outfit, Three Dolls

I made this outfit and realized that it can fit on lots of different dolls, from my 12" Bethany to my 10" Rosen Lied Beige! The dress is made of a lightweight cotton print (don't remember where I got it! I've been de-stashing and it was in my peach cubby). The shrug is from 100% wool and is from a Froggy Duds pattern.

On Mandy by Heidi Plusczok:
 Mandy in sleeveless dress 

And on April (Beige, Tuesday's Child from Rosen Lied). 
Beige in spring outfit 

In other news, I have bought a Rosen Lied Sage Boy and he's on his way. :)

1 comment:

Bama said...

Very pretty, versatile dress! All of your dollies are so sweet wearing it!

Congrats on your new boy. I hope he arrives soon for you.