Friday, February 10, 2012

Cute toys and aids for disabled children

My little nephew has Lowe Syndrome, which causes him to have some physical, visual and other disabilities.  In his quest to find good adaptive products for Noah, my brother Jon has not had good luck.  Being a woodwork (craftiness runs in our genes!), he started to make things for Noah and has decided to offer them to the public through his website and etsy.  There are toys that any kid would love, too.  Look how cute:

There are puzzles on Jon's etsy shop and also things like Rocker Boards to help with balance and coordination!
If you know anyone with children with disabilities, please check out Jon's site.  :)

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Bama said...

I think this is awesome! I wish him well in his ventures. Surely there are so many that need his special toys. Bless him!