Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ducks and goats!

Well, around here it has yet to significantly snow, which is good with me.  I can still fill up the ducks' kiddie pools, which they enjoy.  Next summer, I have plans to put in a larger pond for the ducks to swim in, hopefully a large koi pond in which I will install a drain to make my life easier!

Hattie and Roger, swimming

Little (Daisy) Duck's children are all grown and the boys are becoming obnoxious.  Anyone want a few ducks?  I have had them listed on Craigslist for a while with no takers.  The two Mallard boys are a bit pushy with all the females.  They and Nathan and possibly Mark are soon to be deported to the goat yard, as soon as I can figure out where to put their food so the goats can't get into it.  They are so beautiful, though, these naughty boys.  Mark has grown into an interesting looking duck and Nathan is very hard to tell apart from his daddy, Roger.  Pearl is a good (but noisy) little girl and can stay with her Moms and Dad.  Mark is the multicolored boy below, Nathan the white with Edward and Pearl behind him, and Charlie is the Mallard colored boy in the lowest picture.




The goats are ridiculous, no matter the season!  They are hard to capture on camera because they don't stay still, so video is the best way!  They are obsessed lately with seeing if I will give them a treat.  They try to find treats in my hands and pockets and also they jump up onto their balance beam, expecting a reward.  Greedy girls! 

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